THIS IS A TEMPLATE : Motivated by a passion to change the world, his continent, his country, his community, his life, Omar Ibn Abdillah is an economist, auditor, trainer and advocate of the SDGs who has been committed for several years to demonstrating the place of youth in development to improve the daily lives of each person in his or her circle, through the good of a unique journey as an active citizen. Vice President since 2016 of Ideas For Action Africa, Author, analyst and economic and political expert, senior head of the entrepreneurial section since 2014 within “ l’Afrique des Idées ”. He has been a Partner, Ambassador and Head of Support since 2017 at 100 startups co. Omar was a member and trainer in the Junior Chamber International. He was also Vice Curator of the Global Shapers Antananarivo HUB. Facilitator and lead community within Techsters Startup Accelerators, Funding – Mentorship.